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Our store and crafts are dedicated to our mom Nicoletta. She loved to sew and do crafts. Inspired by her we decided to follow in her footsteps. We love and miss her dearly. She would be proud. ETC is a home based business, started by myself Lori, and my sister Patti. We originally intended our business to be an embroidery business, but we soon discovered how much we loved making other crafts as well. Besides embroidery, we do decoupage, and jewelry making just to name a few. We also discovered that we enjoy participating in craft fairs. Maybe we will meet you one of these days at one of the craft fairs in our home state of Florida. Please continue to check our store as we will be adding to it daily. If there is any special request, please just ask. We will do our very best to make it happen for you. Our goal is to make you happy by giving you products you can enjoy with the quality you deserve.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Even cuter in white!

I decided to make another embroidered box. This time I made in white. I think it's even cuter than the orange one..  I tried this one with a black and white polka dot ribbon. I think the ribbon is  a little to wide for it. Maybe I can find thin ribbon with polka dots. YAY another shopping trip for us!

I will be making all different colors for a craft fair we are doing in April. We just have to decide what more we can do with them to make them more desirable.

What do you think? Any ideas??

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  1. I think it is beautiful. It could be used for confeti or for braclet,...